Alma Mater


The term “alma mater” is used for the university or simply the school that educates us. This is just the setting where the novel ALMA MATER takes place. It tells its story from various perspectives of different characters. Alma is a university teacher who struggles through her life with all the good and bad aspects of it as it is usual for a single woman in her “thirties”. Her gift of seeing the life differently than anyone else doesn’t make it much easier for her. Levi is a student at the same university. This young and irresponsible entrepreneursoon becomes Alma’s best friend. However, he is not sure about what he wants in his life and causes a mess in Alma’s head and also in her heart. Finally, there is Alma’s colleague Vanda. She falls for Levi from the very first moment she sees him and wants him just for herself. Everyone understands each other a bit differently when meeting together. And each one of them wants the best just for his or her own. Therefore we should not be surprised when everything ends in a different way than expected.

The book was published by Computer Media.

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Size: A5
No. of pages: 192
Type: Paperback
Edition: First
Published: April 2010

978-80-7402-050-6 (print)
978-80-7402-174-9 (e-pub)

Illustrations: Michaela Náplavová