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She had a dream to write a book, and when she had decided to write a book, she wrote several. Then two boys were born to her and thus her world expanded to include two new worlds. Sometimes she teaches something somewhere, but rather she always learns something new herself. About how not to interfere with others’ bubbles and how not to say what people don’t want to hear. He lives here for a while, then somewhere else. Do you want to know more about her? Let yourself be invited to her stories.

Lucie Sára Závodná was born on 16 July 1984 in Šternberk near Olomouc (Czech Republic). In Olomouc, she also studied at the Slavic High School. Then, she studied in Zlín at the Tomáš Bata University, Faculty of Management and Economics. She worked at the Palacký University in Olomouc. After moving to South Bohemia, you can find her at the University of Economics in Jindřichův Hradec and the Polytechnic University in Jihlava.

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