Deník mých kachních let

2011: The Diary of my Duckling Years

It is not a surprise that we like our diaries, because they very often contain something mysterious or even unreachable such as our dreams. It is a kind of a therapy – a therapy of writing. Diaries have always served and still serve as a place where its owner can turn to with his or her deepest wishes and desires. This diary is pretty open but it still contains a lot of secrets. Twenty-year-old Laura reveals her thoughts, problems and dreams to her diary. Just like any other girl, she has to fights mainly with herself but the outside world is not an easy enemy either – for the men who make it difficult. Her sorrows seem to be never-ending and yet she has enough of strength to get up and keep living her life every day again and again. This book is dedicated to all girls who are going through an early period of their lives when fight things like little ducklings, to women and mothers who have such girls at home and want to have fun over remembering the things they once experienced themselves. The book is also dedicated to men who want to understand (hoping it is possible :-) ). Everyone can simply find his or her part in this book…

The book was published by Computer Media.

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Size: 20 x 11 cm
No. of pages: 173
Type: Paperback
Published: November 2011

978-80-7402-113-8 (print)
978-80-7402-175-6 (e-pub)

Illustrations: Anna Pospíšilová